How social media taken over the news industry

Person on twitter while CNN is on

By Alexa Low

For students, growing up around social media is normal, but for most social media has been new and ever-changing.

Listening to the radio on the way to work or reading the newspaper at breakfast was how most people got their news.

Then, came local and national television programs where families gathered around the TV to watch.

Now, social media may be taking over the news industry.

“Most of my news I get from social media and Twitter becomes probably my primary source for news. Occasionally I’ll watch television and most of the time I watch CNN,” Dylan Christiansen said.

I conducted a survey that showed 56 percent of the participants get their news from social media.

The most popular platform was Facebook with 72 percent saying it’s where they prefer to get their news. Twitter came in second and then Instagram in third.

The research also showed that all age groups are turning to social media.

“People over the age of 50 get their news on social media and then the younger generation get their news on social media. It’s a platform that allows for instant breaking news access and it also allows you to consume multiple news outlets in a format that’s quick and easy,” Christiansen explained.

Almost all age groups are turning to social media apps to retrieve their news over the radio and nightly news.

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