Remodeling during a global pandemic gives opportunity for time capsule

A picture of the progress of the remodeling of our kitchen

By Cassie Phillips

Not having a sink or a kitchen for five weeks leads to performing an everyday daily task in unusual ways. Before we knew we had to be sheltered in placed my family decided to re-do our kitchen.

We have lived in the same house my entire life. My parents bought the house in 1993 and have been here ever since. Within my family’s 27 years here we have never remodeled the kitchen. My family thought it was time for an update!

A lot of work has been done but, there is still more to go. Just last weekend we finally put back our sink! You never realize how important and fortunate you are to have a kitchen sink until you wash dishes in the bathtub for several weeks!

“It is very unhandy to wash dishes in the bathtub; we would try to use minimum dishes so that we didn’t have too. Let’s just say I really enjoyed the nights we got food-to-go,” Dana Phillips said.

About week two into the remodel we were placed under the stay at home order. It might have slowed down the progress but that did not stop my family.

My mom worked at an elementary school, so she is now home with me every day. My Dad, however, is still working. My dad would go to work at 7 a.m. come home at 3:30 p.m. and then work on the house until 8:00 p.m.

To help him out we always did the jobs that we could do so he didn’t have to. These jobs included lots and lots of paint. The weekends always produced the most progress just because my dad was off, and my sister came home on weekends to help.

Most of our housework is done by my dad.

“It just saves us money when we do it ourselves and most of the time, I get new tools out of it,” Bill Phillips said.

Entering week five of our remodel we finally have our sink back in, we have countertops, and we have started putting things back.

We live in a pretty small house so finding space to store everything was very slim. It caused us to get pretty creative. My parents put up a shelf and a table in their room for the things that we didn’t want to put in the garage. The things that could have gone outside we packaged up in plastic totes. It almost felt like we were moving.

“At one point our bedroom became a living room, kitchen, and storage space. Everything that you could probably think you use every day was probably in our room. At times I felt overwhelmed and like a hoarder and I couldn’t wait until we started to put things back,” said Dana Phillips.

As we are nearing the end of our kitchen remodeling, we are just finishing up final details and we will have to wait until someone can come in and do our flooring.

This remodel is definitely something for the books. How many people can say they gutted their kitchen during a worldwide pandemic.

During the remodel my dad printed off some pictures of what the kitchen used to look like and some information about COVID-19. He then shoved the papers between two boards, so that if a future owner of our house found it they could see how the kitchen used to look and that we were remolding during the pandemic.


After: (Latest picture)

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