Students respect covid rules, end traditional socialization practices

No house parties, sporting events, or outside guests allowed in residence halls have forced Quincy University students to miss out on the typical social life of a college student. 

Students were warned about the required COVID guidelines upon arriving back on campus for the fall semester and are reminded everyday with signs displayed around the university. 

If students fail to obey these necessary policies, then they are forced to sit out of sports participation and be out of commission for a couple of weeks. 

As of September 17, 143 QU students have been placed in quarantine because they have active COVID-19 infections, have been exposed or in close contact with someone testing positive, or just as a precaution for having one or more of COVID-19 symptoms.  

As a result, students have turned their attention to other forms of entertainment. 

“At least once a week our room has a couple of matches of Wii golf and those really get the competitive spirits going playing for record scores and bragging rights in the room,” Hunter Knox said. “It is a nice distraction from the dull days that have come to be normal.” 

In addition to Wii sports, Knox has been watching a lot of sports, working on fantasy football teams, and has been spending more time on things like yoga. 

Much like Knox, QUTV sports anchor Shane Hulsey has been soaking as much sports content because of social distancing, and he admits it’s sometimes a distraction. 

“With football starting, it’s probably going to get worse,” Hulsey proudly exclaimed with a smile on his face. 

Although soaking up this sports content could be beneficial to Hulsey in certain ways preparing him for his next time behind the mic. 

“As I’ve grown older and become more attuned to the broadcasting side of sports, I’ve started to pay more attention to how different broadcasters announce games,” Hulsey said. “I try to grab a little bit here and there from different broadcasters and incorporate them into my broadcasts.” 

Students are challenged to stay connected while being distanced and that is what senior student-athletes miss the most about the “old” QU as they’ve transitioned into a new normal in 2020. 

“Of course I get to see my teammates and a couple of friends here and there, but outside of that, I miss going and hanging out in other dorms or going to parties and truly getting to know new people and see old friends I don’t get to see every day,” Knox said. 

Students say they are feeling anxious to raise their glass, stomp their feet, and sing at the top of their lungs to the famous “Dixieland Delight”.

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