transfer students have special resources at QU

Quincy University’s Associate Director of Transfer Admissions Justin Ray, ensures unique opportunities and resources for transfer students in their search for success.

Transfer admissions are on the rise as many universities are experiencing a large amount of returning transfers and new students due to the effects of the pandemic. With a expansion of new faces to QU, counselors and teachers are advising that transfers reevaluate their options and opportunities.

Quincy University offers special assistance to new and returning students. Advisors are guiding the new hawks to meet with the registrar and request meetings immediately with their majors’ individual adviser. 

“I think it’s extremely important for our new transfer students to know that they have so many resources that Quincy has specifically put behind them to help. The registrar and major specific advisers are equipped now more than ever to assist these students with any questions or requests they might have,” Ray said. “However, I also feel there is a strong need for advisers to be more of a mentor in this bizarre time. Let the students know they are more than a grade or a graduation for us. We want them to feel and be fully prepared for a happy life after college.”

In addition to a transfer adviser, every student, transfer or not, is assigned a major adviser who helps guide the way through all of the essential courses and internships required for an on-time graduation. 

While these extra tactics are put in place for transfer students they also have all the same resources as every other QU student. Resources include; registrar, advisers, Quest Center, the SSC, and tutors.

“I transferred from Indiana State into Quincy University my sophomore year of college. When arriving in Quincy I was already feeling the weight and pressure of the entire transfer process. So when I learned about all of the resources that Quincy had to offer to make sure I would land on my feet I felt extremely secure with what the future had to hold here,” Makayla Knoblauch, junior, said. 

Quincy advisers and professors are highly encouraging both transfer students and returning learners to take advantage of the resources set in place for a greater opportunity for success both as a student and a graduate. 

The registrar’s office and the transfer administrator’s office are on the first floor of Francis hall in room 130 and 111.

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