Should a COVID-19 Vaccine Be Mandatory for Students?

By Evan White

There have been many discussions on people being skeptical about getting the COVID-19 vaccine shot. This all comes down to a lot of the people who have been curious about it, do not really know what to expect and what effects it may have.

What have many people bothered is that this vaccination is a big issue concerning public health. For the older adults ages 50 and over, are wasting no time getting to clinics and making their appointments to get vaccinated.

The best way to persuade people on if they should get the vaccination is to be educated first yourself. Without logical reasoning, no one would ever be able to get drawn into what should be most important.

People need information on all the diseases that exists, how the vaccines work, what side effects they can expect to see, and be sure to help patients and their careers to make good decisions.

Students on the QU campus decided to weigh in on the topic and give their own take.

“I believe that everyone should have their own choice to get the vaccine because of how comfortable they feel about the vaccine,” Serena Mendolia, student, said.

Serena states her opinion based off what she believes is best for herself. In other words, she believes no student should have to be commanded to take the shot just in order to be able to stay on campus to attend the school.

“If students want to stay on campus and live in their dorms, I will say yes but be sure to not put other students at risk which is the main thing. From my understanding, a lot of people have different beliefs about the vaccine and if you prefer not to get the vaccine, you do have the option not to of course and go to school online. For those that do want to remain in school and stay on campus, I do believe it should be mandatory because we have to get control of this virus, Edward White, student, said.

For this spring semester at QU, there have not be any new reported cases of COVID-19.

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