Quincy student creates nonprofit; provides for abuse survivors

Quincy University graduate student Sydney Meyer dedicates a new non for profit organization to the efforts of supporting local women in need.

Giving Grace was given life in December 2020, and has been serving local Quincy women who are struggling or have been victims of sexual assault. The organization provides products such as bras, underwear, tampons, pads, razors, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and many other things free of charge.

After seeing the extreme need in the community, Meyer felt compelled to dedicate her organization to helping abused and assaulted women.

“It’s always been super important to me to give back to people and the community that I’m in, and I like to think that I’m a very compassionate person where if I see someone in need I really just want to help them. I feel like I have seen a need for this in Quincy for a group that donates items to women for free,” Meyer said.

As the founder of Giving Grace, Meyer found it best to network with surrounding organizations and teamed up with the owner of Kairos Hope, Eryka Mabus, to expand their horizons and reach more survivors.

Kairos Hope, meaning the time in life in which God is meeting you where you’re at and bringing you hope, is a non for profit Christian recovery home for victims of sexual assault, sex trafficking, and any sexual trauma. The boarding house and support team are located in Hannibal.

“Giving Grace reached out to me and said that they wanted to donate to our organization. So at that point, she asked us what we needed and was able to provide a ton of shampoo, conditioner, feminine products, and these really cute makeup bags that will go into the welcome baskets for each girl which just helps them feel more loved and welcomed when they’re walking into this scary new place to start their journey,” Mabus said.

While Meyer created the organization out of the goodness and compassion of her heart, Mabus has a deeper reason for the passion of helping survivors.

“I have actually had a passion since middle school to start something along these lines. Obviously, it wasn’t as detailed at that point but as I grew up I actually experienced sexual trauma of my own and went through a very dark time. I tried to figure out how to find healing from that and how to move on but there weren’t really organizations or services that were comprehensive. So after I was able to work through my own trauma and work through my own counseling, I realized that it was time for me to start a service for these women and give them that healing in an easier way,” Mabus said.

Meyer and Mabus have become a true dream team with coinciding perspectives that meet the same goal.

Both organizations are looking to expand their brand and get the names of their work out into the public. After reaching over 200 individuals, Giving Grace is also looking to expand their space to allow for more growth in products. A bigger space and name will allow for the Giving Grace organization to create a more in-depth referral system that can provide for many more women.

While the need is extreme worldwide, Giving Grace and Kairos Hope are joining the fight and starting local. With help being needed right outside their doors Sydney Meyer and Eryka Mabus are dedicating their efforts and designing their organizations to adapt to the needs of sexual assault victims and other struggling women.

The organizations have Facebook pages under the names Giving Grace and Kairos Hope.

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