Covered Bottoms Diaper Bank giving to local families

The Covered Bottoms Diaper Bank started in 2019 and is an initiative of the Adams County All Our Kids Network.

Anita Hanke, All Our Kids (AOK) coordinator, oversees the Covered Bottoms Diaper Bank in Quincy, Illinois.

The Covered Bottoms Diaper Bank is located at Quincy University’s North Campus.

“The conversation started in late 2019 with the network partners about creating a bank,” Hanke said.  “In the summer of 2020, 10 agencies committed towards this work and Covered Bottoms Diaper Bank was formed.  We received our first shipment from Huggies in late August 2020 and the agencies started distributing in September 2020.  From September until the end of 2020, we distributed over 19,000. “

“Diapers are essential to a baby’s healthy development as a mother’s love,” Hanke said. “Keeping infants & toddlers clean, dry and healthy is key to building a solid foundation for all children to reach their full potential.”

With 1 in 3 families experiencing a need for diapers, the Covered Bottoms Diaper Bank allows for local families to receive help.

“Covered Bottoms Diaper Bank is a member of the National Diaper Bank Network,” Hanke said.  “NDBN has a membership with Huggies, and this allows us to purchase diapers at a discounted rate.”

Hanke also noted that a collaboration with the Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank in Galesburg, Illinois, has been extremely beneficial for both diaper banks.

“LeAnn Porter is the director and her support has been invaluable,” Hanke said.

Jennifer Green, volunteer, learned about the Covered Bottoms Diaper Bank in a networking meeting through her employer.

“I really enjoyed volunteering and knowing I was helping families in need by donating just a few hours of my time,” Green said. “I also got to volunteer with some wonderful co-workers and friends along the way. I hope to find more opportunities in the near future.”

Cheri Robertson, volunteer, attends a monthly United Way Interagency Network virtual meeting with Hanke.

“Anita and I spoke about the Covered Bottoms Diaper Bank at a recent meeting,” Robertson said. “It was interesting to hear the process for the program. The Covered Bottom Diaper Bank helps agencies in West Central Illinois provide people and families with a reliable source of basic baby needs.”

Robertson also enjoyed the time spent with her volunteer group.

“I enjoy volunteering for the satisfaction of knowing that by just giving a little of your time, you can make a difference in the lives of those that are less fortunate than I have been,” Robertson said.

Volunteers noted that the opportunity to volunteer this year has been beneficial and a great opportunity to help out those in need.

“It’s been a challenging year, and this was one of the first opportunities in a long time to be able to go volunteer,” Green said. “I wanted to help.”

Volunteers and those who donate to the Covered Bottoms Diaper Bank help to provide 50 diapers to a family in need and also help reduce the risk of potential health risks of the children.

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