Finding peace in your space

Quincy University students fight a battle against uncertainties and anxiety to create a peaceful place for themselves in their space.

COVID-19 or not, finding peace in your space is a big deal. Taking control of your area is like making it your own. In times as uncertain as this it is even more important to find what you need to provide yourself with that comfort.

Quincy is home away from home for many. A home is a place of peace, meaning one’s space here should also be a priority. Finding and creating peace in your dorm room or your space is crucial to anyone’s mental health.

When thinking of your own space and the room you are provided, big or small, thoughts of what brings you happiness come rushing in. The blank canvas covering your space is exactly what many need to personalize and shape their space to whatever makes them feel most safe and comforted.

Students are finding ways to protect their personal space and make it their own. Things like decorations, a bed, pictures, and even animals are found to be some of the most common ways QU students bring home to campus.

“This school year has been anything but normal. Having my dog Henley in my room to come home to has been such a comforting thing for me. She is always so happy and brightens my day! My room with Henley is a peaceful place where I can unwind,” Alaina Rothermich said.

Sometimes it is as simple as just needing a place to breathe. Things like music, journaling, painting, or drawing are good choices to assist in finding a good headspace.

“The way I feel peace in my space at school is by taking the needed time to reflect on how my life is going by journaling and listening to music. During stressful times, it brings me to my happy place and puts me in a better mood to tackle my days here,” Faith Krabbe said.

Surrounding yourself with the most important things to you is a common suggestion of previous students who live in dorms. Knowing what you need is most important.

“My room is most definitely my space. With that in mind, I knew I would spend a large majority of my time there and I’d want it to feel special and important to me. That’s why in my space I made sure to surround it with nice items that meant a lot to me,” Makayla Knoblauch said. “My best friend always was preaching to me that I have to protect my space and believe that I am worthy of a nice environment and that I deserve nice things. I took that and really ran with it”.

Doing what is best for you and your space is something no one else can tell you to do. If you have not had success in finding your own peace, try some of the suggestions listed above like cleaning, music, and journaling. Finding your own peace is important.

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