Flood ruins students’ first week back

On Saturday, Aug 21, 2021, four Quincy University students were evacuated from their dorm rooms due to flooding in the residence hall’s rooms.

After a bathroom sink in the residence hall Woods, refused to turn off, senior students Timberlyn Barnette and Cameryn Varble were inches deep in overflowing water. Security was called immediately and maintenance was sent to the scene. An hour after the call was made, maintenance showed up at the site. The amount of water continued to grow.

“In the moment I just couldn’t believe that nobody could do anything to even slow down the water. It was aggressively overflowing for over an hour. How could no one turn it off? It was one of those moments where you just are at a standstill and thinking is this really happening right now?” Barnette said.

Due to a large amount of accumulated water in C4, water started escaping through the walls and cracks running down to the lower level room directly underneath and C2 began to flood as well. Makayla Knoblauch attempted to remove all irreplaceable items from the room before deeper damage was done.

Joshua Jacobs, Quincy University’s director of resident life, also arrived shortly after security to the site to assess the situation and temporarily move the students to a new location for the night as an emergency removal.

Walls, carpets, rugs, decor, shelving, and students’ personal belongings were all items touched, damaged, and ruined in the water. The soaked floors and rugs, water bubbles throughout the walls, the stench of sitting water, and the students’ ruined items were the most concerning results of the flood. The students were informed that the university would reimburse them for all things damaged in the incident and take care of any issues relating to the event.

The most affected items in the dorms from the flood were the carpets, walls, and items laying directly in the line of the stream.

The flooded floors are keeping the students from returning to their dorm rooms at this current time. They are temporarily relocated to an alternate living space by campus housing. After a recent inspection, the students are expected to return to their original living quarters in a little over a week. The inspection consisted of dry carpet checks, a humidity test, and a drywall examination.

“It was such rollercoaster of emotions, events, and paths it felt like. One moment our apartment was inches deep in water and the next minute we were moving out. That part all happened so fast but all in slow motion as well. And now they are telling us well be back in our rooms in no time when just a couple nights ago we were told we were looking a several weeks before we could even think about moving back. It was for sure a bizarre experience but we are okay and that’s what matters,” Varble said.

After several weeks away from their space, the affected students are awaiting the time they get to move back. The flood was not ideal for anyone involved and happened very early into the school year, however, the students find it to be a blessing in disguise as they have had the opportunity to experience a new style of living on campus while being housed with each other.

“In the moment it was definitely upsetting. But now looking back to that night it had to be done. I know that sounds crazy but everything does happen for a reason. We need that flood to bring us all together in the same place. After everything we had gone through, and the continuous amount of unfortunate happenings piling up, it was better to be together,” Knoblauch said.

The four students are still living in the temporary housing until further notice and can expect to make a return to their Woods dorm housing in the next week or two.

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