Students respond to an urgent need in Haiti

On September 1, 2021 QU students and community members came together in the Hall of Fame room from 12:30 until 3:30 p.m. to fill food bags for the children of Haiti. Quincy University and the community partnered up with the organization Feeding Children Worldwide.

There were three different hour time slots students and community members could attend. All students received an email from Mobile Serve about the opportunity to serve. There were a total of three different stations set up. Each station had big bins filled with rice and protein. Then there were several scales and bag sealers all in an assembly line along the tables.

During time slot two which was 1:30-2:30 p.m. there were a total of six students and 10 community members filling bags. Two students along with a few community members were filling bags with rice. One student was sealing the bags after they were filled. Then three other students counted the bags, filled the boxes and then sealed up the boxes.

“I came here today because I like the idea of helping people who are in need,” Alondra Rodriguez said. “Especially children because I just love kids.”

Each student had their reasons for why they were there. There was a internal goal for them and why it mattered to them to be making a difference.

“I saw that it was a serving people in Haiti opportunity and I am apart of Haiti Connection and I wanted more service hours,” Taylor Vandermaiden said. “I think today was good and it’s making a difference in our lives and having us realize that people in other countries are suffering and need our help.”

“I came out because one it was a serving opportunity for the school. Since we’re a school surrounding the Franciscan values which is serving the community and I love the idea of serving the community,” Brianna Berger said.

There was great community involvement with this serving event. There were a lot of non student volunteers that took time out of their day to come out and serve. Their help and generosity made a difference in many ways.

“I think it’s awesome that community members came out and that QU is opening their doors for the students and community members,” Vandermaiden said.

“I think serving is super important and it should be necessary that everyone helps,” Berger said. “It was rejuvenating honestly. I liked seeing that there were other people from around the community getting involved and not just students.”

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