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Quincy University Cru Serves Close to Home

By Casey Pigg When someone thinks of a mission trip, much of the time, traveling to a distant and impoverished country is what comes to mind. Walking dirt roads lined with small cottages or huts in a remote location around the world as children play and shout to each other in a language that you may or may not understand.

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QU Goes Beyond Service Learning

By Bryce Moore Quincy University is working hard on the recovery plan. The university is listening to several ideas. Some are small and some are what Karl Warma, associate professor of art, would call a “BIG idea.” Jane Meirose, director of the Interpreter Training Program; Ray Heilmann, director of Campus Ministry; Fr. John Doctor, vice president of Mission and Ministry;

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Spring Break Opportunities

By: Cle’anna Moore – With mid-terms approaching and spring break around the corner, many students are thinking about going somewhere nice, like Panama City Beach (PCB) or even home. But they are definitely not thinking about any homework, and their minds are probably already gone from being out of class for a week. For those students who have not already

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