Sorority life is sisterhood and more

The third week of September, members of sororities Alpha Omicron Pi and Pi Sigma Sigma hosted rush events for recruitment.

What does it mean to be a part of a sorority? This question may cross your mind if you have had any interest in Greek life. Quincy University gives the option of joining one of two sororities. The college experience involves meeting new people and possibly making forever friends. Joining a sorority can be a start to meeting new people, serving more, and new experiences. One way to know about sorority life is to hear about it from members themselves.

“There are a variety of events that being in a sorority entail. We have sisterhood and philanthropy events that happen throughout the year with our sisters. Sisterhood events are so special and near and dear to our hearts,” Corrine Katzer, AOII, said. “Sisterhood nights are when we plan an activity which could include doing painting, game nights, or going out to eat. The sisterhood activities grow our sisterhood and make our bond stronger.”

Each sorority has its own philanthropy events and opportunities. Serving is a part of the Franciscan values and the sororities at Quincy University uphold those values.

“For me being with the sorority it gives me more chances to get my service hours in. Having something like a philanthropy and having something to give back to constantly while I’m here is really fun,” Cheyenne DeWeese, Pi Sigma Sigma, said.

“Alpha Omicron Pi’s philanthropy is Juvenile Arthritis so in the Spring we do “Pie a Pi” and raise money for the juvenile arthritis foundation,” Katzer said.

“Some things that being a part of a sorority include are our philanthropy events, which is our way of volunteering and being involved in the sorority. Leadership opportunities, being a part of such a small campus and overall chapter allows all sisters to have the opportunity to lead, and fundraising,” Kristen Hunt, Pi Sigma Sigma, said.

Each member has their own reasons why they choose to join a sorority and what sisterhood means to them.

“When I came to QU, I was a commuter and because of covid I didn’t have like a lot of opportunities to make friends. So, I wanted to be able to make some friends,” DeWeese said. “I found out about Greek life through one of my friends Gracie who I live with now and she is in Pi Sigma Sigma. So, I went to one of their recruitment events and I really liked it and I got a bid.”

“Being a part of a sorority is different for everyone, but for me specifically, it is such a fun experience! I am able to hang out with my friends while I do volunteer work, be a part of a sisterhood, and become more involved on campus as a whole,” Hunt said. “Being a part of a sorority is helpful in getting an individual involved on campus, and it can be beneficial on resumes and applications. Many people are able to have leadership opportunities which can be beneficial in all walks of life!”

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