After school outlet for kids

Here in Quincy the local YMCA has set up a safe environment for kids to go after school. A establishment that gives them access to many opportunities to have fun and be a kid. In today’s society dealing with the pandemic and so much trouble in the world. It makes things extremely hard for kids to grow up the right way.

The YMCA has set up programs in place where children can interact, play, learn and be safe around other people. Putting in learning programs and sports programs where children can develop. Children need this especially now with so many covid restrictions and the lack of of interaction in the world today.

“This has always been a major piece of my life here growing up being able to go to the YMCA and play with my friends after school. It turned into almost a ritual that we head over to the YMCA after school. Even on Saturdays me and my friends would wake up to play ball in the morning. Some of the best hoop sessions you would see in Quincy. The pandemic made me really appreciate the “Y” even more, because it was many restriction times on when you could get in,” Grant Hyer, freshman, said.

For kids that don’t have a good structure at home this gives them a place to come and feel welcomed. Also keeps them running the streets and getting into trouble. Children are exposed to so many different things that you never know what exactly they are going through.

It’s really amazing to have people come in and put extra time to help these kids. A lot of teachers and counselors that come to the YMCA to help kids and show love. Letting the youngsters know that it is always someone in there corner. That is what every kid wants is someone to be able to lean on, talk to, or just to give a hug when needed.

“Through my childhood I am so thankful for the local YMCA and all it has done for me. So many times I’ve needed the people there just to lean on and be a ear for me. I’m thankful that I got to grow up in this type of environment. The staff there has been there for a really long time and has watched us all grow up. It is amazing to see that they’re still there helping out the next generation of kids. I let so many kids kids know to enjoy it and have fun. Don’t be in a rush to grow up,” Garret Drew, freshman, said.

The community has really done a good job in taking care of the youth. This next generation is critical because they are the future leaders of this world. We have to stop being scared to hold them accountable and show them the way. The world needs to do a better job in leading the kids the right way. The YMCA is very much needed in every city in America.

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