Mystery donor gives the gift of time to QU

By Jay Hammel

Time flies when you’re having fun. . .

And that fun as a Quincy University Hawk is continuously ticking by the second turning your fantasy college experience of four years into a memory.

On the other hand, a way to monitor that time now stands between Brenner Library and historic Francis Hall.

Robert Wyatt, Ph.D., shares an image of the installed “beautiful new donated clock” via Instagram.

On September 23, 2021, Robert Wyatt, Ph.D., who was announced Vice President for University Advancement earlier this year, upload a photo to social media that displayed a donated clock in front of Francis Hall.

Albeit, the clock did not just appear one day.

It took awhile from the time that the idea was formulated.

We actually had a couple of donors who wanted to do something to honor a significant person in QU’s history,” Wyatt said. “They also wanted it to be something that could be functional on campus and something that would add beauty to the campus.”

Wyatt serves as the chief fundraising officer for the university and the leader of Quincy’s fundraising, communication, and alumni relations efforts.

Wyatt also works alongside the president on major principal gifts and manages staff to identify, cultivate, solicit, recognize, and steward donors and carries a portfolio of major donor prospects.

“I just think it is a nice thing for donors that want to recognize people who have been very important to the college’s history,” Wyatt said. “Personally, as someone who was a college president myself, I know that the more things you can do that add beauty to your campus, the more that current students appreciate and the more that prospective students appreciate when they come on to campus.”

The significant dedication of the donated clock remains anonymous, but a special announcement is coming soon.

“The dedication will be at the end of October when our board of trustees meet and at that point we will actually announce who the clock is being named after,” Wyatt stated.

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