Crime and safety report released

Quincy University has released its 2020 Clery Act report. 

QU must submit a yearly safety and security report because the school accepts federal funds. This report includes all reported accounts of sex offenses, robbery, assault, and a list of multiple other crimes. 

The report is a federal requirement for all schools participating in federal student financial aid programs to disclose information about any crime that has taken place on their campus and in the surrounding area. 

Under The Clery Act, institutions must report campus crime data, and publicly outline the policies and procedures they have put into place to help improve campus safety. Along with reporting and publishing campus crime, universities must take steps in supporting and helping victims of violence.

The Clery Act is also referred to as The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics. In 1986, Jeanne Clery was raped and murdered in her dorm at Lehigh University. The Clery act was officially signed in 1990 after many believed the university had failed to inform their students of crucial information regarding campus safety. 

Quincy University also submits an annual security report. Not all campus crime is considered to be categorized under The Clery Act. It is Quincy University’s goal to be as transparent as possible. This report is very similar to the Clery report but the security report is a more detailed list of information and it includes more campus crime. 

Sam Lathrop has been Director of Safety and Security at QU for 10 years. 

“Bad things happen everywhere, not just at QU. No one likes it and we do our best to stop it but sometimes despite our best efforts bad things happen. So we learn from them, we hold people accountable for them whenever we can, and then we share that information with everyone. It is our job to be as up front as possible with our campus body,” Lathrop said. “It is our responsibility to be as transparent with students, staff, and parents about the safety of our campus. I think that our security report numbers and Clery Act numbers reflect us taking care of, and creating a safe atmosphere for our students”.

Quincy University strives to have a safe and protected lifestyle on campus. The security office is located in the first floor of Friar’s Hall. You can also reach out to Christine Tracy by email or in office in Francis Hall.

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