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It can be difficult keeping up with the many events happening at Quincy University. With the many conflicting schedules of class, sports, and other parts of life, it can be easy to fall behind on the goings on around campus.

Luckily, QUMedia provides weekly web articles, podcasts and news broadcasts that aim to keep those in the Quincy University community informed and provide a voice on campus. These news stories can be freely accessed at any time, on multiple digital platforms.

The main way to access QUMedia’s new stories is directly from the website.  The QUMedia webpage allows people to browse the vast amount of content produced QU students in the communication program, over the years. The pages interface allows for easy navigation between the different kinds of news formats, as well as search for any specific stories they wish to look up that is produced on campus.

The website also has links to QUMedia’s multiple social media pages. QUMedia uses Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to provide highlights and teasers for upcoming news stories as well as connect with the community.

“I usually get my news about campus stuff from Snapchat or the emails the school sends out,” Nick Land said.

According to multiple students, most of the news on student events, sports and school related information comes from word-of-mouth from friends or getting notifications directly from the school. 

While QUMedia currently does not have an active Snapchat account, they do have a Twitter account they use to interact with the community. Student reporters will ask questions and make polls for the community to answer and interact with, creating a direct line from the studio to the public.

Many students prefer the getting their news from social media, because it is directly presented to them. The ease of access and quick snippets of information allow students to stay informed without disrupting their busy schedules.

QUTV delivers a student produced news broadcast, which helps improve the students reporting and communication skills as well as provide information to the Quincy University community.

QUMedia also streams their QUTV news broadcasts. This broadcast can be accessed on one’s laptop by visiting the QU Media website as well as the QUTV YouTube channel.

Unknown to most Quincy University students, QUTV can also be viewed from their smart TV. By signing up for their free Xfinity student account and linking it to the Xfinity Streaming Beta app on their TV, they will be able to be able to stream live television channels.

QUTV is on channel 1901 and streams a compilation of QUTV’s news broadcasts. This gives students a more passive way to consume the news, allowing them to work on other activities while streaming to a larger screen.

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