Students have mixed experiences after calling security

Quincy University has a security team on campus 24/7 that’s always staffed and available for every student need.

When an emergency or problem occurs, security is one call away to assist students at anytime of day. No matter how big, or small, or what the situation may be, students have the option to rely on security for help. When facing an emergency or needing assistance can students rely on campus security? Do students rely on campus security and utilize that resource?

“I feel like students should be able to count on security here on campus,” Zoey Griffin, junior, said. “They have our backs in a lot of different situations.”

“I think students can count on campus security,” Angel Ruiz, sophomore, said. “They just know what they are doing.”

Director of campus security and safety Sam Lathrop encourages students to utilize campus security when they feel the need to do so.

“Never be hesitant to call security,” Sam Lathrop said. “If you see something that isn’t right, call! When in doubt call! We are happy to check things out.”

Lathrop explained that security does have at least one officer that’s on duty every single day throughout the whole year. During the weekend they usually try to double and even tripple up on the staffing. Especially during the evening hours of the weekend.

“As a general rule, and during the normal school operating semester the staffing gets loaded on Thursday-Friday-Saturday evenings and overnights,” Lathrop said. “Usually no less than two officers, and at times three officers work during these times.”

Some students have shared that there were instances security needed more staffing to be available.

“I think there could be more security staff,” Griffin said. “There have been a few situations where multiple things are going on at once and there’s not enough staff to handle the issues in a timely manner.”

“There was one time I called them, and they were kind of delaying. But I’m sure they were busy with many other things,” Ruiz said. “There have been times where they’ll say that they’ll be there as soon as they can. Then I’m like well what does that mean?”

If security is ever in a dire need of an extra body, there is help that is just a short distance away.

“My wife and I live right across the street from Friars Field,” Lathrop said. “I have been called at all hours of the day and night to come to an issue or to assist with a call. That resource can add to staffing quickly and seamlessly should the need arise.”

When in doubt students that have reached out to security for different instances. For the most part students have expressed that they’ve had good experiences.

“There already have been a couple times where I’ve called them, and they’ve been very useful,” Ruiz said.

“I have never had a bad experience with campus security. Other’s may have not but, every time I have encountered them it has been a good interaction,” Griffin said.

“Call us! We are happy to assist! You might even get a ride in the Orange Crush, the Kubota security ATV,” Lathrop said.

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