Balloon glow experience: photo essay

By Chloe Nott

The Balloon Glow was back during this year’s Homecoming Week. The event took place September 30, starting at dusk. Ten balloons were inflated but remained grounded for the duration of the event. As the sky darkened, Friar’s Field was filled with bursts of color. The flames from the burners lit up the vibrant balloons in flickers and long blasts.

Members of the public joined with the QU community to see the balloons. The following morning, a few select members of the community were able to take a balloon ride over Quincy.

The balloons inflating on Friar’s field.
Each balloon required a pilot and several helpers.
Balloons lit up Friar’s Field at QU’s main campus.
A small group gathered at sunrise to prepare for a ballooning experience.
The balloons were taken to the North-East end of Quincy to be inflated.
The process of inflating the balloons. Each balloon has a name and specially trained team.
One by one the balloons left the ground and drifted across town.
The balloons floated across Quincy towards the Mississippi River.
The pilot controlled the elevation of the balloon by burning propane to heat the air inside the balloon.
The balloons landed in various locations including corn fields.

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