Students lack awarness of clubs and organizations

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Quincy University offers many different clubs and organizations on campus that students can take part in. Like many other schools Quincy University gives students several options to get involved. Whether that is getting involved in the school or the community there are several opportunities available.

“I am a part of a few clubs like Haiti connection, Alpha Omicron Pi International Women’s Fraternity, and choir,” Taylor Vandermaiden, junior, said.

“I am a part of choir and the men’s living community,” Nick Seibert, sophomore, said.

“I’m only a part of one organization and that is Phi Sigma Sigma International Women’s fraternity,” Sinead Davis, freshman, said.

According to the Quincy University website there is a list comprised of 31 different clubs and organizations. Under the student life tab, you can find a full explanation of each club and organization. But there are clubs and organizations that some students didn’t even know existed.

“I have heard of or know about at least 22 of the clubs,” Vandermaiden said. “I’ve never heard of Cru, multicultural club, recycling club, National Panhellenic Association, chemistry club, environmental club, pre-professional science club, and Lambda Pi Eta.”

“I would say I know about half the clubs and organizations. I feel like there are some I’ve never heard of because they don’t advertise enough or invite people to their meetings,” Davis said. “One club that sticks out to me that I’ve never heard of is IMA. I haven’t seen or heard anything about this club on campus.”

“I know about ten of the clubs that are listed,” Seibert said. “I’ve never heard of SAAC, chemistry club, or the pre-professional science club. Most of the fraternities and sororities I didn’t even know about.”

Students shared mixed emotions on how they feel the university does at bringing awareness and promoting all the clubs and organizations.

“I think QU does a good job at letting students know about the clubs they offer on campus,” Vandermaiden said. “They do a club fair, send out emails, and there are flyers.”

“The school needs to do a better job,” Seibert said. “I feel that the emails and the posters around the halls are not enough. I do believe that more clubs should be and need to be added to QU.”

“I feel like some clubs don’t exist because I have never heard anything about them,” Davis said. “I definitely think that all the clubs and organizations that QU has, they all need to advertise more that this club is going on maybe more people will join. Also maybe have the clubs do like an orientation meeting so they can introduce themselves to new people.”

QU hosts a club fair at the beginning of the year to present all of the clubs and organizations. But there may be students unaware that the club fair exists. If word of mouth, flyers, emails, and clubs fairs aren’t working, students say the school and the students could come together to find a new tactic.  

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