QU student eager to start new club

QU has had its advantages as a liberal arts institution. Throughout their mission they have been able to have a variety of coursework available for students, with an emphasis on literature, fine arts, and music which has seen growth in its respective departments. 

With that being said, there has often been a lack of representation for extracurricular groups focusing on the arts, leaving a void for students more passionate about art, literature, and film.

Jack Urbanciz, a QU student, hopes to find those passionate students around campus to form a film club at the university. 

Urbanciz is actively involved in the world of cinema and hopes to find other students on campus who share his appreciation in film.

“It interested me when I was a little kid, especially with my father who was a big film buff. And gradually I started to get more and more interested in that. I feel as though film is this great way to get transported into different parts of the world, and see different people’s lives,” Urbanciz said.

Picture of MacHugh Theatre located inside of Francis Hall.
Door to MacHugh Theatre, possible meeting area for the new club.

Professor Travis Yates, is also very excited about the formation of a new film club on campus. The original club has fallen out of the school since its original members’ graduation. Yates also believes film can be very influential on people’s attitudes and beliefs in society.

“Film serves us in a variety of ways. It’s a time capsule of the society in which it was made, or in the case of period pieces, can give us a sense of life during a certain era. Film ultimately is about telling compelling stories, and those stories can entertain, inspire, educate, connect, understand, and help us put the world around us into context. A film club at QU would definitely bring attention to the fact that we offer a film and new media minor. Everyone loves movies, and a film club would pique students’ interest and hopefully want them to learn more about the medium through the minor,” Yates said.

The Film and New Media minor, is one of the newest minors available for QU students, and can be taken completely online. The formation of the film club can help more students find an interest in film and potentially add to their degree checklist.

Even if students don’t need a new minor, students like Zach Anderson are happy to hear more campus events in the future.

“I would be interested in seeing new movies, especially if they let other people vote on which ones we could watch. Maybe a poll on social media through our campus email could get kids more engaged and have control in some of the movies being shown,” Anderson said.

Movie showings would likely be hosted inside MacHugh Theatre or the Hawks Nest and would continue as long as there is enough interest from the student body.

With much speculation still as the group continues to be formed, you can expect their first meeting around the second week of April. The group will gather for an introduction to the club as well as discussion on where the club plans to move from here.

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