Helpful tips for winter driving

After several days of sun and warmer temperatures, snow showed up in Quincy, Illinois on the morning of February 17, 2022. When the chilly weather comes blowing in it’s important to be prepared. Here are a few winter driving tips to help prepare for unexpected situations mother nature can cause.

According to AAA you should keep a variety of cold weather gear in your car. Items such as ice scrapers, a blanket, a flashlight, and extra warm clothing. Even a shovel if you would happen to need to dig yourself out. Also keep some extra food and water in your car.

“I actually keep boots, a big coat, overalls, socks, and all kinds of cold weather gear in a bag in the back of my car,” Abbie Koenig, a local resident, said. “I travel on some back roads that don’t always get taken care of so I try to stay prepared.”

The trunk of the car with different cold weather gear stashed in the back.

“Try to make sure you have bottled water and some kind of snack like a groanola bar with you,” Nancy Rost, a Quincy resident said. “Also if you don’t already, keep a flashlight in your car. That is something I think should be kept in the car all year round.”

The glove box of the car with snacks and a flashlight stored away.

“I like to charge up my portable charger and make sure I have it with me. They are really useful and last a long time,” Sara Warning, a Quincy resident, said. “I don’t ever want to worry about not being able to call for help.”

AAA mentions that you should make sure your tires have plenty of tread. Also, take time to check your tire pressure and make sure none are low before traveling anywhere.

While a full tank is ideal, AAA mentions that you should keep your fuel tank at least half way full at all times. For some people this is one very important tip.

“I was always told to keep a full tank of gas,” Rost said. “You never know when you could get stuck, or stranded so I always make sure my tank is filled up.”

“Since I do travel back roads I try my best to make sure I have plenty of fuel just in case something would happen,” Koenig said.

Because of slippery conditions, AAA advises that while driving you should not use cruise control. That’s advised for ice, snow, and even rain. Make sure you know your car breaks and always keep plenty of distance between you and another car.

Of course if you can avoid driving in the snowy conditions, then stay home as much as possible. AAA says that even if you can drive well in the winter conditions don’t risk it if it’s unnecessary. For more winter driving tips, or to refer back to any of the previous stated information you can visit AAAs website.

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