Intramural sports start soon

Quincy University is looking to kick the spring semester off right with some intraumural sports.

Trenton Henderson, director of student engagement, encourages students that attend QU looking to compete in their favorite sports to come out and have some fun for a prize!

The sports being offered are basketball, soccer, and dodgeball.

Dodgeball will take place on February 22nd starting at 7pm. There needs to be at least five players on the roster to be eligible to compete in the tournament.

Basketball will start on the 1st of March and will be slightly different from both dodgeball and soccer.

Faculty and staff can form a team to go against students that will all be competing for a prize for the 1st place winners only that has yet been revealed.

Soccer will begin starting March 8th and faculty and staff are allowed to compete as well.

This can be good for students and faculty that live on or off campus looking to stay in shape and compete all while having a good time and being able to fellowship.

Trenton’s purpose is to maintain a safe and structured atmosphere for everyone.

Students that are playing a sport for the school will not be able to sign up while their season is going on.

“I think flag football should be an option for students because it’s a sport for both genders and teams can be mixed in. My last school had intramural football and it was the most popular one. The location wouldn’t be a problem either because there is a field that the track team use for practice that would be good for intramural football,” Ramond Buck said.

Students can now sign up by going to his office in the Student Sucess Center or by filling out a form for registration by emailing Trenton at

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