Former tennis player gives back to the program

Daniel Sanchez is a former men’s tennis team captain at Quincy University and is currently a graduate assistant for the program. Sanchez majored in marketing and management and graduated in the spring of 2022, he is currently studying for a masters degree in business administration. 

Sanchez enjoyed his four years at QU and believed the small town environment was a good fit for him as he met some good people along the way. After being at QU, Sanchez felt like sticking around and giving back to the tennis program was the right thing to do. 

As some people find it uneasy to go from player to coach so quickly, Sanchez enjoys the challenge yet still has his own conflicts along the way. He appreciates the rest that his body finally needs after his years as a college athlete, but that physical strain has turned into mental strain. 

“My body is not as tired, but this also comes with a lot of mental stuff. My head is really tired with having to manage the little things. I really enjoy just being out and putting in the work with the kids and then them going out on court and seeing them develop that we have practiced being put into use,” Sanchez said. 

For the past two years, QU’s tennis program has looked to Sanchez as their captain on and off the courts. He is no longer their leader and friend they get to hang out with on the weekend, he is now their coach who must be an authority figure. The team has done a good job transitioning to this new adjustment and continues to see Sanchez as a leader. 

“Having Daniel as a GA right now has been great. His transition from player and captain to a coach has been very beneficial to the team. He already knew us as a friend so he knows what’s up in our lives and what’s happening outside and inside the court. He is a super cool guy and super cool coach. He knows how to treat us harder when we need it when we are not focusing and cut us a break when we need it. He is super understanding, having him as a coach has been positive for the team,” Sebastian Gomez said. 

The QU men’s tennis team recently went on a trip to Indianapolis to participate in the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Tournament. This is a big tournament for college athletes because participating here is how they receive a national ranking. 

“We didn’t do as great as we wanted, but we did have one guy, Ivan Mimica from Croatia who was able to make it to the semi finals of his singles draw. He had a really good run, the rest of our guys had really tough first rounds and couldn’t really pull it through but we are really excited to see what the girls can do this next weekend in Grand Rapids,” Sanchez said. 

Like other athletic programs at QU, the tennis program is doing some fundraising this year and hoping to raise as much money as possible. The team is hosting a pickleball tournament on Oct 16 at Upper Moorman Park in Quincy.

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