Video games connect students away at school

Video games are popular in many people’s lives. Especially since the pandemic began and more people have had to stay at home. Many people have gone out and bought consoles to stay connected with the outside world.

This is a new generation we live in where you can now stay inside to be connected. There are several ways to keep in touch with someone from your own hometown. Gaming gives you a chance to do that while enjoying some competition.

This year many electronic companies have seen increased sales as people seek at-home entertainment. For some, gaming has become a new hobby to pick up.

“I’ve never really played video games at all. The pandemic really made me go out and buy a system. It was killing me sitting in the house every day and not be able to do anything. My friends kept telling me to get a system to pass time, so I finally went and grabbed one. At first it was hard for me to learn how to play. After a few weeks I started getting the hang of it. I’m really competitive so that probably sped up the process,” Isaac Walker, senior, said.

QU student gaming system

“The game has exploded this year in popularity. I lost interest in games, but the pandemic has connected me back with my homies by playing in it. Without a game system this year I do not know what I would do. I feel sorry this year for people who do not own a game system. I do not know how they pass the time here. When I had broken my controller this summer, I had almost lost my mind. The reason is because everything was sold out and you had to order since the pandemic,” Adam Moore, junior, said.

Current technology has allowed individuals to play from almost anywhere. As long as there is electricity and an internet connection gamers can connect with others and play.

Being able to connect with your friends almost anywhere on any console sometimes feels like you are in the game. Having so many varieties of gaming titles to choose from also gives people a chance to play anything they want.

Newer games allow you to experience so much. Almost anything you can think of, they have a game like it. Imagine being able to go out of space and fight aliens or fly on a dragon. There are literally endless opportunities of fun.

To just have all your close friends online together makes gaming so much more fun. Even playing with a cousin you have not seen from the family reunion five years ago is cool. Being able to just connect from a long distance matters.

“I’ve played games my whole life. My brothers and I have always been competitive especially when it came to the sports games like 2K and Madden. Those are some of the most classic games ever that people must have with them at all times. Games really brought us so close together growing up. I thank God we live in a time where we can still stay connected playing online,” Tyler Stokes, freshman, said.

Video games continue to be a great way for people to interact with others and enjoy themselves.

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