‘Lunch Break’ podcast highlights football and food

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Podcasting is a unique way to bounce ideas off of one another in a close and personal setting. Its rise came during the pandemic and has been booming ever since. Quincy University’s faculty and students all have joined in on this industry producing fresh and enthralling content throughout these past two years.

 In this new year, there is have a new podcast called “Lunch Break”, created by three QU football players Mario Rowland, Bj Wilson, and Remington Buehler. The podcast highlights three bigger guys talking life and eating food.

“Things are a (lil) different when you’re over 300 pounds so we wanted to discuss the trials and tribulations of being big men while being an athlete and in college,” Wilson said.

For those who don’t know the mechanics of football, there are two sides that compete with each other, offense and defense. The objective of the game, like most sports, is to score more points than the other team. Each team has eleven players on the field which equals 22 players on the field when the ball is in play. The offense’s job is to score and the defense’s job is to stop the offense from scoring. 

On the offense, there are certain positions that are always on the field like a quarterback, offensive lineman, receivers, and running back (depending on the scheme of the offense.) In short, the offensive lineman’s job is to protect the quarterback from the defenders in order to make a play. Preventing other grown men from tackling the quarterback/ running back is a very physically demanding task, therefore it is expected that offensive linemen have size and strength.

This podcast is not the typical podcast in the mainstream of content but it does demonstrate how creative someone who wants to venture into the industry can be.

The three have played football with each other for two seasons and have built a bond that influenced the creation of this podcast. They all share the same passion for football and food and have sought to share their story with anyone willing to listen. Most would assume that creating a podcast takes a lot of work, and it does. However, having the right people around that share the same vision can bring forth something organic.

Remington Buehler

“This podcast came up in the heat of the moment between the three of us. We were just sitting in the locker room and just talking after a workout,” Buehler said. ”The idea popped up in our heads and we took it and ran with it.” 

Having to balance football, school, and any internships can be very stressful. But the three of these QU football players won’t allow that to stop them from having fun on and off the field.

“Its going to be a slow progression but honestly taking it day by day,” Rowland said. “Being persistent challenging ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone will help lead us to be successful.”

The group hopes to upload episodes on Youtube, Spotify, and Tic Tok soon.

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