New students introduced to campus during Orientation Week

As the new school year begins, Quincy University hosts orientation week. This is when incoming students are able to learn about their university, be informed about the resources available to them across campus, and make some new friends along the way. Orientation at QU is not just about being fed information but also having the opportunity to be introduced to your peers. 

Once the incoming freshmen move into their dorms they participate in many different informative activities as well as social and interactive activities so they can get comfortable with the new school environment.

As the new students were welcomed to campus, they were introduced to many facility upgrades that happened this summer around campus. These renovations include the remodeling of classrooms, residence hall updates, roof replacements, the new athletic weight room and the new Greek Row. 

“I enjoyed my freshman orientation. Throughout the week I was introduced to what felt like every freshman on campus. I learned a lot about my school and figured out how to get around anywhere. Some days happened to be very long, but other than that I feel that by the end of it I was prepared for the start of my freshman year. Before I came here I didn’t know anything about QU but now I think I know everything I need to know,” Nate Osborn said.

Quincy University designs orientation week to make sure all incoming students become better acclimated to life on campus. Throughout the week incoming students experience a number of sessions informing them about services around campus and resources available to help them succeed in the classroom. Orientation has a focus on the “Success by Design” rotations that help students interact in a variety of academic, cultural and social sessions. 

Transfer students are given the option to participate in the week long freshman orientation or have a day long orientation introducing them to school. 

“Transfer orientation was easy. We spoke to Father John about the history behind Quincy University and the meaning behind the statues in front of Francis Hall. We were informed about the community service hours we needed to graduate, but we were not able to learn how to log those hours due to scheduling conflicts and classrooms being used. Besides that, it went pretty smoothly. I was able to learn where my classes are and just about anywhere else I needed to go by the time school started,” Ty Gillitzer said. 

Returning students on campus are given the opportunity to work as orientation leaders. Being an orientation leader allows students to welcome their fellow Hawks to campus and make some extra cash before the start of the new semester. 

“Being an orientation leader was a great experience. I had a lot of fun working with my university, my peers and the incoming freshman class. It was nice knowing I was able to help students feel welcomed on campus as well as being involved on campus,” Aidan Clancy said.

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