Students sail international waters thanks to help from QU

A group of Quincy University students was able to attend their study abroad trip at the end of last semester. The group enjoyed a two week trip to London, England and Dublin, Ireland where they were able to learn about British culture as well as visit noteworthy landmarks.

The group was luckily able to go on their trip after a five month delay from the Omicron outbreak that started in Europe at the beginning of the year. Many students on the trip also had some luck from QU.

Thanks to the university’s QUEST Center, the school provides financial assistance to students looking for help in study abroad programs, etc. helping many students to make this once in a lifetime experience very affordable for the average college student.

“I definitely recommend it to pretty much anyone who has the opportunity… I feel like I learned a lot about a different culture that I wasn’t used to. I used all of my QUEST cash I had just cause I knew this was my only opportunity to use it and it’s a great resource for everyone. I think if I wouldn’t have had that opportunity I would’ve been more hesitant to go,” Cheyenne DeWeese said. 

While many students often feel like they are unable to find the time to squeeze in abroad experiences with athletics, QU provides multiple opportunities each semester that are 1-3 weeks long to fit into schedules.

With these resources available for students, many are still unaware where and how to reap the benefits which can result in losing money that’s already awarded to you.

“The money helped immensely. I was able to enjoy the trip without having any financial worries and have no restraints (on the trip) I think there are a number of students who do, but I do not believe there are enough (students) that understand how helpful it can be,” Colby Schulz said. 

The assistance is spearheaded by Kristen Liesen and Sara Phillips in the Student Success Center. Liesen has been in career services for 24 years at the university and helped start the QUEST Center with Phillips five years ago. While they are excited that more students are hearing about QUEST cash, they also include support in service learning hours, care credit, internships, and career services including resumes, cover letters, or grad school applications.

“Whatever the students personally need is really what we will help them in that area… one thing people have started to use the cash for is for their student teaching, the travel back and forth and a meal stipend… the same goes for an internship,” Liesen said.

They are also excited to have more students know about the support the Quest Center can provide.

Sara Phillips, Left, Kristen Liesen, right, in the QUEST center office.

“We want every student to use their QUEST cash, that’s kind of our thing… We want the word out and it’s hard for people understanding how much QUEST cash do I get? And that’s where we really want to educate students and that’s why I think it’s difficult to say it’s out there and tell you how much you have. It isn’t a set amount of money but at the same time there is a max of $2,000 and a lot of students will see $2,000,” Liesen said.

Students can take the initiative to investigate using QUEST cash to pay for trips and academic experiences while they have the chance.  

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