QU students concerned about black mold in dorms

Most students at Quincy University live on campus and some have had some troubles in their rooms with black mold.

QU students come from a lot of different places, and some are far from Quincy which forces them to room on campus. Some students have had the misfortune of having mold in their rooms which has caused some students to get sick. Some QU students have shared their concern for their health and even other students.

“This is my second year here at Quincy and I had no problems last year with mold in my room but this year it is a different story,” Andrew Xenakis, sophomore, said. “I live in Willer this year and have been pretty good but I was checking out my air conditioner to turn it up and I noticed that the inside was filled with black mold.  That kind of made me think that could be the reason that sometimes I feel stuffed up or don’t feel the greatest.  I hope I can figure out a way to get it cleaned before the ac units get turned back on because it can’t be good breathing that in.”

Another QU student had the same problem but did eventually get it taken care of.  Some of the buildings are older at QU so it is reasonable to think that some buildings could have mold in them.

“I have had a problem with mold since arriving in Quincy, it wasn’t so bad last year but this year it definitely got worse,” Brandon Pickus, sophomore, said.  “My freshman year wasn’t too bad with mold other than there was some mold in the showers but that was about it.  When I got back to campus this year it was bad. There was almost mold in all my roommates’ ac units including mine, which can not be good to breathe in.  Luckily for us we all got new units which are clean and have no mold which is nice but the one in our living room did not get replaced.  Since it did not get replaced my former roommate sprayed some stuff in there to clean it out which made it much better.”

Some students at QU don’t really have trouble with mold but they definitely feel for the ones who have to.  Some are fortunate to have gotten brand new units when they arrived back to Quincy.

“I didn’t really have any problems with black mold in my room this year. I feel lucky because I know some people who had that problem,” Colin FitzGerald, sophomore, said.  “So when I got back this year my ac wasn’t working so I called maintenance to come and fix it and they ended up just giving me a brand new one.  Since I got a new one I didn’t really have to worry about black mold being in my system.  I am really fortunate that I didn’t have to deal with that because it is not good for your health to be breathing that in.” 

Some students are fortunate that they don’t have to deal with the black mold but do show their concern for the ones who do.  Students are trying to figure out and be able to fix this problem because it is bad for their health.

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