Wake Up Wednesday brings unity to QU

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Wake Up Wednesday is a tradition at Quincy University promoted by the Office of Student Development. Every Wednesday, students receive an email about a small event going on at the J. Kenneth Nesbit Student Success Center.

The email is sent to the students by Kristen Liesen, director of experiential learning at QU. 

The location of the SSC is in the basement of the school library. Many think that the SSC is just used for a study center, or athletes have to complete study hours for their coaches. What many do not know is that it hosts so much more. 

Some recent activities were the start of Black History Month. During this first Wednesday of February, faculty handed out shirts and provided coffee and hot chocolate. Last semester they hosted events like the Carnival, and held many holiday activities.

The SSC has been hosting since October 2020, before the pandemic. Due to many complications battling COVID-19, Wake Up Wednesday was closed along with the SSC.

“The plan when we made Wake Up Wednesday was to build a community within the school. It is a fun way for the campus to come get to know us and for us to get to know them,” Liesen said. 

The family in the SSC strives to bring unity in the whole campus, not just the students. 

For the Phillips sisters, Cassie and Sara, they feel that Wake Up Wednesday is the highlight of their jobs. Both work in the SSC and tend to find these events to bring them ease. 

“Wake Up Wednesday is fun for the staff to meet students and have that interaction together, and it even gives the faculty a chance to hangout and get to know each other better,” Cassie Phillips said. 

“I love the idea of Wake Up Wednesday because it allows us to connect with students and build a stronger bond overall,” Sara Phillips said.

As much as students do not realize this, faculty and staff love to see interaction with the students to make sure they are not living in a closed off lifestyle. Students and staff both struggle at times to find some peace as they can use this as a midweek getaway. 

“I love coming to get hot chocolate or coffee and then go to class, it makes me feel better overall,” Ainslie Reynolds said.

Regardless of the little events that QU has to offer, nothing is better than a tasty hot chocolate on a cold winter morning before classes. They provide coffee as well if you are not into hot chocolate. 

Other days may include newer things just to change it up, such as pastries on the first Wednesday of February. During this time, most faculty who works down there are around and interested in seeing the production of their events. 

Next time an email is sent out by Liesen, give it a look and see what they are holding. They welcome everyone with open arms and want to build these relationships with the students.

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