Banquet for the athletes honors the year’s accomplishments

Quincy University has a lot of athletes on campus and because of that every year there is a banquet to celebrate some of the accomplishments they had during the season.

QU hosts the banquet every year before finals to celebrate the athlete’s accomplishments and what the teams did together, the past year they have been in the Pepsi arena.

Pepsi arena with tables for the banquet

SAAC (student-athlete advisory committee) is the organization on campus that is in charge of this banquet and this is a way to make sure every sport is involved in the organization of this event and every sport has a representative in SAAC.

Alyssa Vasquez talking about the banquet.

Teams have to show up, and coaches and every player to receive awards and give awards, the banquet is a way to get everyone involved with the other teams.

The award varies from receiving “the Hawk” award (honoring athletes’ will and know-how). To receive awards to the best player of all teams, the best came back someone had, and the senior that is the most valuable.

HAWK award for Alyssa Vasquez

The evening consisted of walking in participation in a raffle and then walking to the dessert bar. The teams were to be expected at 7 pm and after that, the awards started.

“As a sophomore, these awards were something I was expecting this year, I liked that it was simple this year compared to last year and this made it easier for everyone to pay attention. I think as a part of SAAC I definitely did see all the organization and the good communication we had to make this happen. I hope everyone enjoyed the way we organized this year even,” Teagan Mcauliffe said.

The banquet is after classes and this is a way for all the athletes to attend, every sport is there because this is something that the athletes want to see every year.

“I am a freshman in QU and I did not know that this banquet was going to happen until everyone told me about it. I liked that they thought about every detail referring to decoration and even food. You can see it was students with these ideas. I appreciated that they did not try to make it really long and they went right for it and overall I think it is a nice thing to do for all the athletes,” Nicholas Puente said.

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