Students struggle to learn Navigate appointment system

Caden Witt is scheduling an appointment with his success coach.

In the fall, Quincy University introduced a new app called Navigate. Navigate is another step in QU’s Success by Design initiative.

Navigate allows faculty, students, advisors, and staff to communicate more efficiently. 

Navigate shows you the events and to do’s.

“The most important thing is it aggregates all of the resources that students need in order to be supported as they matriculate here at Quincy University,” Mary Bergstrom said. 

Navigate is intended to help the students from when they enter college until they walk at graduation. 

“I like that it allows me to see holds on my account and also shows me the to do’s,” Riley Kieswatter said.

There have been some problems with the new app’s launch. Students have been struggling to set up appointments using the app, whether that is with an advisor or even a success coach. 

“It’s a connection tool and I think uniting everybody together in student and student success is key,” Bergstrom said.

The QU Navigate mobile app is a tool for students, enabling them to connect with and schedule appointments with their advisors, classmates, tutors, and success coaches. 

It helps them stay organized by tracking important deadlines and tasks. The app also allows students to create study sessions by clicking the study buddies icon. 

Students can also see their class schedule. It also has what time the class is and where it is on campus. 

Navigate provides easy access to vital campus resources. It has a map of campus, cafe menu, and shuttle schedule. 

For help you can contact the help desk

“I think the portal aggregates some high level resources for here on campus. It serves that purpose. Navigate is more specific to the student experience and making sure that they are connected to the resources that they need, they’re able to reach out to resources when they need them at any given time,” Bergstrom said. 

The app is accessible through download on students’ mobile devices and can also be used via a desktop version.

If students need help on the app they can click the help button inside the app. There’s a feature in the app that allows students to ask common questions. Navigate will then email you the answer to your question.

If you can’t figure out the problem. Students can email Students can also email suggestions to help make the app better.

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