Five Easy Ways to Stay Healthy in College

Carly Bettencourt


Staying healthy while in school can be tough, but if you remember these five guidelines staying on track will be easier than expected. The list below are the guidelines to follow.

  • Stay away from greasy or fried foods.
  • Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and oats.
  • Make sure the portions you use are correct.
  • Try to eat three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Get at least an hour of exercise a day. This is important for the body and mind.

If these five guidelines can be followed a healthy lifestyle will be much easier to maintain. Moderation is key, and having balance is something that takes practice and effort. One extra tip for Quincy Students is the ability to see the nutritional facts of the food being served; to do so just click on the link and follow the directions.

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