A Slam Dunk for Love

By: Sarah Vahlkamp


Every once in a while, a story comes along that makes every hopeless romantic’s heart strings flutter.

Kimberly Newman ’01 and Tony Certa ’02 were both scholarship athletes for the Quincy University Women and Men’s Basketball teams. In the fall of Kim’s sophomore year, one of her teammates introduced her to Tony in the gym. Soon after, they began practicing basketball and rebounding for each other. They quickly bonded over their love of basketball and their Catholic faith.

“It was a match made in heaven,” said Kimberly.

They continued to date through college and Kimberly graduated in 2001 with a degree in communication. Tony graduated a year later in 2002 with a Business degree. Following his graduation a year later in April 2003, Kim was waiting for Tony to arrive to her Springfield home to go out for dinner that night. As soon as he walked in the door, however, he yelled at Kim from the living room to look at something. She ran into the room, and found Tony down on one knee asking her to be his wife.

“It was very sweet! We had dinner plans, but he said he couldn’t wait… He only had the ring for about 40 minutes before he proposed,” said Kimberly.


Kimberly and Tony Certa were married on April 16, 2004, in Louisville, Kentucky. They have four children together and will be celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary this year.


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