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After graduating college, students always need to have more goals set and plans in place; it`s not over after walking across the stage.  Located in the Student Success Center, also known as the SSC, is a tall white board, in the hallway. It is where senior students write their goals and plans after graduating. There are five separate boards posted. Each board has a different month in which students write their goals, for that month. Students can ask any student success coach or worker for a colored marker to write their goal post.

Interesting posts written on the white board from senior students includes how they have been accepted into graduate school, internships and programs that`ll further their career. Some schools include Southern Illinois University, Missouri State and University of Illinois. Their programs include nursing, theology, and physic programs and internships.

Hallway where board is located.

Sharing these goals and accomplishments for QU seniors demonstrates how much Quincy University has impacted the students and their academic possibilities. Being accepted into internships and graduate school requires excellent grades, GPA and experience. Apparently our seniors have it going on!

“I haven`t posted anything on the senior goals board, but I do have some plans and goals of my own that I plan to eventually share,” senior Melanie Wade said. “I actually think it’s cool to know what my classmates have accomplished or have planned after graduation. It kinda motivates me to set more goals for myself and want more after graduating.”

The goals board is a good idea. As Wade stated, the ideas of other classmates can inspire and motivate future seniors and current seniors on goals and plans after school. It is also not too late for students to still set goals and plan for after graduation and post their goals on the board.

The board had been posted before students returned from Christmas break. Starting with January, the goals board goes through the end of the semester, which is May.

Go check out what our 2016 seniors are up too in the Student Success Center located underneath the library, by QYO!


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