Mouse Sighted in QU Main Dining Hall

Questions are being raised at QU after a mouse was sighted in the Chartwells main dining hall on April 11. A video on Snapchat confirmed the sighting, as a mouse was seen scurrying about near the breakfast bar area of the cafeteria. Though many are upset by this experience, Chief Financial Officer Tim Weis assures students that this is will not happen again.

“The Main Dining Hall has to pass inspection just like any other restaurant in Quincy and has received a Grade A rating for over 5 years. The unfortunate circumstances in this situation is we are dealing with the elements. When the problem was brought to the university’s attention, the proper steps were taken and a professional extermination company was called in. The university has routine inspections by a local pest control company and will continue to monitor the situation. As of today, we deem the issue has been resolved,” Weis said in a statement to QUTV.

Many students, however, are still shaken by the event.

“It’s a memorable experience having a mouse run across your foot as you’re filling up a drink,” Zach Hesterberg said.

This has also caused others to rethink about eating in the cafeteria.

“I was thinking about getting a meal plan for next year, but the fact mice have been found in a place where food is served, I don’t think I’d ever want to eat there,” Maggie McKenna said.

Though CFO Tim Weis has stated that the mouse issue is resolved, some students have taken this issue as a platform to look for other flaws on campus.

“There’s mold, now there’s mice, what else is this campus hiding?” Marlee Clouatre said.

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