A Match made in Heaven

By: Sarah Vahlkamp


The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.- Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

When Trevor Pullinger ’10 and Jessica Wiley ’10 met in the Quincy University cafeteria for the first time, neither could imagine fate had just brought two soul mates together.

During her freshman year, Jescie had been reaching out to Trevor through social media. However, Trevor wasn’t very good at responding online so he decided to make up for the his lack of online presence by approaching Jescie in the cafeteria. He spotted her sitting at the table with one of her friends and decided to say hi.

“…she got really red and didn’t say anything back. I was kind of confused because I thought perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity,” Trevor said.

Despite their first encounter, Trevor and Jescie became friends after realizing they lived across the courtyard from each other in Centennial (now Helein) Hall. One night which was suppose to be a group hangout, Jescie and Trevor found themselves on a surprise date at the local spaghetti house, La Gondola. The two continued to date for two years following that first date.

“As we dated it became very evident that we made a really excellent team, best of all we were best friends first, that philosophy is still true today in our Marriage,” Trevor said.


Taken in a dorm in Helein Hall

After two years of dating, Trevor decided that Jescie was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He was serious about the Sacrament of marriage and his intentions, and Jescie continued to surprise him in new ways which only made his decision to make her his wife stronger. Trevor and Jescie were involved with Koinonia, a Catholic Christian retreat organization on campus that put on retreats every spring and fall, and Trevor knew how to make their shared retreat one to remember. It was during one of the special dinners on the retreat that Trevor proposed to Jescie with a big ring and a promise of life commitment to Christ and each other.

Trevor and Jessica Pullinger were married in the QU Chapel on November 28th, 2009, with Fr. John Doctor who was the principal celebrant of the Mass and Deacon Andy Neu officiating.

“One of the greatest things I learned at Quincy University, thanks to the many generous and holy Franciscan Friars who reside, teach, and minister to those at QU, is that God calls each of us to a vocation, not just a job or a major. Originally I thought the only way to serve God was by becoming a Priest or Franciscan Brother, but I learned that we can serve God also in ordinary life with a joyful and holy family life, living in chastity, simplicity, obedience, and charity,” Trevor said.

Trevor and Jessica currently have three children together,  Elijah, 6, Emma, 5, and Ellanor, 1. Trevor works as the Director of Faith Formation and Youth Ministry for All Saints Parish in Keokuk Iowa, and the two still “team up to put on parish events and serve Christ as a team, co-workers in the vineyard of the Lord,” Trevor said.

Trevor and Jessica Pullinger will be celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary this year and look forward to spending the rest of their lives together through love and Christ.



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