QU Takes A Look At Major Contracts

By Darek Lambert

“QU’s financial challenges didn’t occur overnight and they will not be repaired overnight.  QU is in a recovery mode and will be for the foreseeable future,” Tom Ponto said.

Ponto currently serves as the interim chief financial officer for Quincy University and makes all decisions that have to do with the finances. He has been a large part of the recovery process on campus.

QU launched a recovery plan back in December when it was announced that the university was taking initiatives towards a five-year plan in the hopes to raise $7 million. The university has received commitments for $2.3 million in the last three months.

Part of the recovery plan is to look at contracts currently held at QU. The three large contracts include Chartwells, National Management Resources Corporation, and Quincy Medical Group.

In the midst of the recovery efforts, all options are still being looked at. Although there have not been any definite decisions made on any of the three contracts listed, there are high possibilities that there could be changes in the future.

“All aspects of QU are being reviewed as part of the recovery process, including contracted services,” Ponto said.

Specific to Chartwells, Ponto went on to say that it is very rare that a campus this size should have four separate places to eat, which are Q-Yo, the Main Dining Hall, North Campus Cafe, and the Hawk’s Hangout.

Although no decisions have been made in regards to Chartwells, the current dining locations and the meal plans are being looked at as part of the recovery plan.

“I honestly don’t think people would be too upset to see Q-Yo go, if it came down to that. I also don’t consistently use the Hawk’s Hangout,” Sophomore Marissa Gonzalez said.

Quincy Medical Group and National are two other contracts that are up for discussion on campus as well.

National serves as the maintenance, housekeeping and groundskeeping services on campus.

Quincy Medical Group and the Quincy Medical Group wellness center serves QU as a medical resource, both physical health as well as mental health. It is located on the ground level of Friars Hall.

Two counselors are available to students to utilize at no cost. On the opposite side of the hallway there is a nurse that works during the day to help students who may be sick or have another health issue.

Quincy Medical Group is also a large part of the Health and Fitness Center on campus, teaching workout classes and offering personal training sessions.

“If there was something that was adjusted with Quincy Medical Group that would be unfortunate. Those are great resources for students that may not have access to them off campus,” Junior Scott Prsha said.

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  • As an alumni I would personally GET RID of the Q-yo. I felt it was unnecessary when I visited the campus, and I was appalled when I saw they DESECRATED the library with that. Obviously keep the cafeteria full time. I never knew except for retreats that there was food at north campus. So maybe hawks nest and north campus be part time (north campus during day because of classes, and hawks nest at night)

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