SGA Elections Start Monday. Here’s What Students Need To Know

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By Shea Stine

The Quincy University Student Government Association has had a lot of changes and challenges so far this semester. Leadership changes and constitutional changes have highlighted a busy and turbulent semester for acting President Lauren Beeman and the rest of SGA.

This week’s elections will be the first test of how the new system will work, and multiple Quincy University students have signed up in hopes of taking on the challenge of implementing the new constitution and giving the students a voice through the university’s ongoing budget crisis. Although participation in the elections is critical to ensuring that Quincy University students are represented as a group to the school’s administration, some students still don’t know much about the process or how to participate.

“To be honest, I didn’t even know there was an election,” Sophomore RJ Drury said. “I haven’t seen or heard much about SGA, but I’ve seen a couple of campaign fliers hanging around the school for people that are running to be the president.”

Here is what students need to know about the upcoming elections and how to participate. There are three locations where students can vote for SGA representation: the SSC, the cafeteria main dining room and north campus. All three locations will be open this week (March 27-31) from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

March 27-29 students can vote for president and vice-President of SGA. There will be a change in leadership as acting President Lauren Beeman is not running for re-election. All students are eligible to vote for president and vice-president as long as they have their QU ID. Students won’t be voting for presidential and vice-presidential candidates on a ticket, but some candidates have been campaigning together, championing similar issues and visions for the school.

The candidates for president are Sophomores Gino Grivetti and Bridget Hunkins as well as Junior Matt Anderson. The only candidate for vice-president is Sophomore Mary Argana. QU Media will be posting profiles of each of these four candidates Monday March 27.

Senate voting will take place March 30-31 at the same locations and times. Students must have a QU ID to vote. Senate members are chosen by only voters from their respective class.

Freshmen have four options for their senate representation: Fallon Meyers, Trip Gibson, Quincy Fuehne and Kimberly Bukowski. Sophomores have two options for their senate representation: Timi Ajayi and Kadiatou Bah, but only one junior turned in an application, Carrie Allen.

Presidential elections are being held before the senate elections because students who did not win one of the two positions can choose to run for a senate position, representing their class.

Now is the time for students to take responsibility for their experience at Quincy University. Student involvement is crucial to all the changes that the current administration has made.


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