QU Students face Shuttle Adversity

By Abigail Moore

UPDATE: This story was posted September 2, 2017. Later that same day, an updated shuttle bus schedule was released to QU students.

As Quincy University started the school year heading in the right direction, the shuttle bus schedule was left in the dust. With no arrival or departure schedule posted at any of the shuttle stops around campus, several university students are left guessing when they will need to arrive at the stations. Many students experiencing this problem are first-year. The university left the new students uninformed of the university’s transportation information.

In previous years, the shuttle bus was reliable because the schedule posted on the window of the bus stop, in front of the Hawks Cafeteria, was in sync with when the shuttle would arrive. What was once an organized system, the lack of a schedule has caused students to adjust or rely on other ways to arrive to their North Campus classes on time. Quincy University welcomed students for orientation weekend, though left out where and when the shuttle would arrive. Suzanne Schmitz, freshman, takes a class at North Campus and  expressed her worry for the lack of knowledge of the shuttle system, especially without a schedule posted.

“I heard about the shuttle. I knew it existed. I never saw it stop at any of the bus stops. I thought it was some weird myth. Everyone talks about it. I didn’t know when it was going to be there. It’s never on time. I was sitting there not even sure if it was going to come. I about got up and walked.” Schmitz said.

The lack of communication has caused multiple students to be unsure and adjust accordingly. Gwen Young, freshman, also takes a class at North Campus and showed concern.

“I had no idea where or when to get on the shuttle,” Young said.

Orientation weekend is a crucial part of new students becoming accustomed to college. Many students believe that the University needs to add an element of transportation knowledge to the welcome weekend. Andrew Tenllado, junior, took a few classes at North Campus last year and felt strongly about the importance of new students learning the ropes of the shuttle, like he did.

“They need to have something along with the regular orientation for the freshman, something explaining the bus system, something to help students know more,”Tenllado said.

Returning students are also facing these challenges. Daisy Chavez, sophomore, spends most of her time in science classes at North Campus and feels very strongly about the need for a schedule.

“There’s no schedule that tells me when the bus is going to come so I get there at least half an hour early so I’m not late to class. It’s just not very reliable,” Chavez said.

The North Campus building is one mile away, roughly three minutes from Quincy University’s main campus. Because many students do not have a car on campus, many rely heavily on the transportation provided by the college.

“We need a very reliable schedule. Someone needs to be in charge of the shuttle runs. They need a little more organization and I feel like it would be great.” Timi Ajayi, junior, said.

New and returning students worry about the repercussions of missing the shuttle and being late to class. The shuttle’s late appearances have caused many students to walk to class and sacrifice time spent in the classroom.

“It makes me nervous. I don’t want to be walking into class late, It’s like the walk of shame,” Schmitz said.

The City of Quincy Department of Transportation runs the university shuttle bus system. In previous years, the shuttle schedule was posted on the window of the shuttle stop outside of the Hawk’s Cafeteria. Currently, there is no schedule available at any of the shuttle stops. The other shuttle stops around the Quincy University main campus are directly outside the front doors of the Hawks Hangout and also on the loop of the main campus and HFC parking lot. The shuttle stop at North Campus is the half circle driveway leading into The Center of Science and Music Department.

“Just saying that you have a shuttle does not provide all students with the information they need,” Chavez said.

Students are now exploring a simpler alternative for the university to deliver transportation information.

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