QUEST Center provides QU students with resume resources

By Emma Hoyt

Several students took advantage of the free resume workshop held in the Student Success Center computer lab on Wednesday Feb. 20 from 12 to 1 p.m.

Resume guide provided to students who attended the workshop.

The event was put on by Director of Experiential Learning Kristen Liesen with the help of Sara Phillips, an experiential learning specialist, and Alyssa Vitale, a graduate assistant.

The QUEST Center (Quincy University Experiential Study Center) posted flyers on campus and sent out emails to students, similar to this one, in order to provide an opportunity to students who could use resume assistance and guidance.

Flyer that was posted by QUEST center

Students were welcome to come with a completed resume or a blank page, in order to get ahead in the hiring process.

Chayim Cunningham Jr., QU Aviation Management student, attended. He found out just how much information could be taken out of such a workshop.

“Anyone would be foolish to not take advantage of a workshop like this one, fine tuning my resume could potentially give me the upper hand as an applicant,” Cunningham Jr. said.

Even though the workshop only lasted one hour, students received hands on help through the resume writing process, as well as during the adjustment stage.

“I came with a resume I already had made, I’ve actually sent this one out a few times. I knew it needed enhanced, so I’m here making adjustments and improvements,” Cunningham Jr. said.

Cunningham Jr. perfecting his resume

Liesen understands that students at QU are in all stages of the process, and is ready to help.

“I want to meet students where they are,” Liesen said.

The QUEST Center provides many avenues of help. The QUEST Center’s mission states that the office supports, coordinates, and implements academic experiential learning, in collaboration with faculty, staff, and the community.

“I think it was a great idea for QUEST to have one of these workshops, it gives me more confidence in my resume,” Cunningham Jr. said.

“Resumes seem to be really popular, but I also sit with students when they’re getting ready to apply for a job, we also have networking meetings for students that may be interested in an internship or a job – that we can provide contacts for,” Liesen said.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of all the services that the QUEST center has to offer which include:

  • Career Services – Support for a successful transition to a career
  • Credit for Prior Learning – Academic credit for work experience
  • Internships – Opportunities for paid employment related to major
  • Service-Learning – Achieving learning outcomes through service
  • Study Abroad – Venture into the world to create new learning experiences
  • Undergraduate Research – Work with faculty in any discipline on a research project

Students like Cunningham Jr. are benefiting from all of QUEST’s services, and are thankful for all of their help through the education process.

“I actually have used QUEST services a couple times, and they’re always willing to help me. I have used their closet to get nice shoes for an interview I had, and I’ve had my resume looked over several times,” Cunningham Jr. said.

The QUEST center is located inside the SSC on Main Campus in the lower level of Quincy University’s Brenner Library, and provides students with many paths to success.

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