QU Counseling Center provides outlet for students

By Emma Hoyt

For Quincy University student, Kylee Waddell, keeping her mental health in check, is important.

Waddell uses the free service offered to students as a venting source for college stress.

“I have benefited from the services in more than one way. The counselors are amazing and I always feel so much trust and comfort when I go in,” Waddell said.

Quincy Medical Group and QU paired up to offer a free counseling service to students from Monday through Friday.

Friars’ Hall, where the counseling center is located.

Located on the first level of Friars’ Hall, the counseling center is secluded to provide confidentiality.

Millie Silver, a LCSW from QMG, helps a lot of students with a wide varieties of issues.

“Adjustment is a big topic we help students with, since college is such an adjustment for all students. It includes being in a new state, city, or even country. It could include leaving family, friends or their normal routine,” Silver said.

Many students at QU deal with some kind of adjustment disorder. Silver said that symptoms could have been dormant at home and nothing triggered it until now.

“Being on your own and not knowing how to deal with it can trigger adjustment disorders when living on a college campus. We want students to know that there are many resources outside of our offices, like, the clinic, success coaches and other faculty to reach out to. QU does a great job of providing students with a range of resources,” Silver said.

The college adjustment issue isn’t the only thing Silver has seen come into the office.

“Mental Health is a huge umbrella. Things we’ve seen include anxiety, depression, test anxiety, relationship issues, roommate problems, as well as drugs and alcohol,” Silver said.

Flyer discussing hours of operation for free services to students.

“We have this flyer that we like to give to all students we see, and those we meet. Not only to let them know were here, but to give them the thought,” Silver said.

The Counseling Center can help students whether they are going through a tough time, battling bigger issues, or just want someone to talk to. The Counseling Center provides services for:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Depression
  • Relationship concerns (friends and/or partners)
  • Worries regarding grades/major
  • Family situations
  • Adjustment to University life
  • Other mental health issues
  • Collaboration with community health professionals

“When it comes to mental health, its very stigmatized. We need to treat it the same way as a broken bone. More information and awareness is what everyone needs,” Silver said.

Counselors provide students with a handout of tips and ideas regarding their own physical and mental health.

Handout with coping skills for life.

Coping skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Meditation
  • Getting in a good work out
  • Joining a club
  • Thinking positively

Waddell heard about the services by seeing a flyer around campus, and she’s glad she gave it a shot.

To schedule an appointment, students can make one in person or send a confidential email.

Screenshot of an email being sent to obtain services.

“It’s such an awesome place to go. If you need help with something specific or just need someone to talk about anything with,” Waddell said.

Everything in the counseling center is confidential and free to QU students.

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