How to raise a dog in a dorm room

By Alexa Low

Hoosier, a three month old golden retriever, is a new resident in Garner Hall.

He’s a very playful dog who loves water, attention, walks, and his toys. Hoosier came from a farm in Missouri and is expected to be between 60 to 75 pounds when he is fully grown.

Sofia Radice brought Hoosier to QU after getting a note from her doctor registering him as an emotional support animal.

Radice named him after the Indiana Hoosiers because she and her family members are big fans.

Going to class, practice, or work and then taking care of a dog is very time consuming.

“It requires a lot of time, patience, love, and space to raise a dog in a dorm room,” Radice said.

Hoosier currently resides under Radice’s bed with all this toys, food, and a play area.

Hoosier picking up his favorite toy bunny.

A typical day for Radice includes taking Hoosier outside every time she gets back to her room, feeding him three times, and going on at least three walks.

“Potty training was rough because I had to potty train him from my dorm room, but he’s gotten a lot better and he learned quick,” Radice said.

Radice says walks can be interesting as Hoosier wants everyone to interact with him and he patiently waits to be greeted by all.

“He’s pretty calm so I don’t have to keep him on a leash the whole time if I am out in the fields. Every time a person walks by, he sits down and waits for them to say hi and will stare if they do not acknowledge him. If eye contact is made then he will go greet them. I always keep the leash in grabbing distance in case he wants to greet someone who does not like dogs,” Radice explains.

While outside, he also enjoys playing with other dogs on campus, chasing leaves, and bird watching.

Hoosier is on a sleep schedule that typically doesn’t keep her up at night and he chews on a bone filled with peanut butter to prevent barking during the times that he is alone.

Hoosier has many people who care for him such as Radice’s roommate, Emily Earhart, who loves having him around.

“I like to put his little ears in a bun with my scrunchy. I love him,” Earhart said.

During the times that both Radice and Earhart have class, Hoosier enjoys watching the documentary Life on Netflix. There are many animals for him to watch, however this video shows Hoosier thinks the elephants are too big and scary.

Hoosier watching “Life”

“I would suggest an emotional support animal to a friend if they’re up for it and committed because every time you come back they require constant attention and you do have to walk them, feed them, and give them love,” Radice said.

Radice says Hoosier has brought her unconditional love and she’s very happy to have him during her time at QU.

During the summer time and breaks, Hoosier will go home with Radice to Chicago. He will spend most of the duration of basketball season in Indiana with his grandma for his remaining years at QU.

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