Seniors reflect on how Quincy University has impacted their lives

By Raven Ash

For most college bound students, college is always a thought on their mind throughout their childhood. At the end of their high school careers, students are faced with the challenge of finding a school that is the best fit for them. For some, Quincy University was their sole choice. Others compared Quincy University with a variety of other schools before choosing to become a Quincy Hawk.

Throughout a student’s college career, they not only work towards their degree, but they develop into who they are supposed to be in life. Students gain their own perspective of life and build their own opinions. Students also sharpen their social skills and create relationships that will last a life-time. 

Now, four years later, seniors are reflecting on their experiences at Quincy University and noting just how much the university has impacted their lives.

How has Quincy University impacted your life?

“I have been able to become more comfortable with speaking to people. I have made life-time friends and because of Quincy University, I was able to find someone who makes me feel special,” Dayja Oenning said.

Were you considering another other school? If so, which school?

“The only other school I considered was St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. I actually only visited QU and I knew instantly this would be where I spent my next four years,” Sydney Hart said.

What are the benefits that Quincy University is providing for your future?

“The benefits of Quincy University for me is the leadership opportunities it has provided me. I have been able to connect and interact with many different people. My social skills and role as a leader have greatly advanced. These are imperative qualities to have as a nurse, and Quincy University has helped me establish and strengthen them,” Ayla Quinonez said.

What would you say to a student searching for a college to encourage them to attend Quincy University?

“Quincy University campus has many interactive, student led activities and opportunities. The atmosphere is friendly, and the staff and professors love to connect with their students,” Quinonez said.

What is your favorite memory on Quincy University Campus?

“I do not really have one specific favorite memory at QU, just anytime spent with my friends I have made here. I have many great memories with them,” Hart said.

Are you happy four years later, in your senior year, that you chose to attend Quincy University?

“Yes, I am very happy with my choice because I am close to home and the professors here are really helpful. Being at Quincy University, I can honestly say has been the best four years of my life,” Oenning said.

Seniors are not only leaving the University this May with a degree, but also a stronger sense of self, sharpened life skills and strong friendships they may not have found elsewhere. After so much thought and consideration four year ago, seniors at Quincy University can confirm that becoming a Quincy University Hawk was the right choice for their education and life path.  

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