Removal of bins trashes SLC lobby

Security camera footage will be used to find violators

By Alexa Low

The trash epidemic on campus has hit yet another residence hall: the Student Living Center (SLC).

After removing a recycling bin from the SLC lobby, resident directors noticed students were putting trash where the bin had previously been.

“There’s been a lot of trash in the lobby, kind of scattered around the trash cans and not in them then we also have a recycling area, or we used to have a recycling area but it’s no longer there and there is still recycling trash there,” Alan Wilson, resident assistant, said.

Resident assistants sent students an email informing them that the spot where the recycling bin had been, next to the vending machine in the lobby, is not a place for to leave their trash.

“I feel like people need to take responsibility for their things but at the same time, it needs to be more influenced that we do need to take care of it because clearly people don’t know this,” Jaredd Williams said.

That one email may have not been enough to inform students that the lobby is not a place for their trash.

“We’re going to continue to send out emails to the students trying to let them know that there’s no longer supposed to be trash put back there. If it comes to it there will probably have to be fines handed out for the whole building. Hopefully it won’t come to that, the students tend to be pretty respectful so I’m not too worried about it,” Wilson explained.

Residence directors will be checking security cameras to find out who has been littering.

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