New housing system connects students

By Alexa Low

Quincy University will be rolling out a new housing system in Fall 2020 for all undergraduate students.

There will be seven houses, each named after influential figures in the Quincy and Franciscan communities. The houses will be a community rather than an actual house where students live.

The house system is designed to transform the student experience.

“The idea behind the new house system is that every student who comes to Quincy University is going to be connected closely to a group of other students. They will have that connection in common and we know that when people are connected to one another they are able to do better academically and socially at the university,” QU President Brian McGee said.

The housing system announcement followed the announcement of the new Success by Design program which was put in place to ensure QU students are successful. The program includes a series of programs and changes to help students graduate on time and be prepared for their futures.

Beginning in 2020 all freshmen, commuter, and transfer students will be assigned to one of the seven houses. By 2023, all undergraduate students should belong to a house.

The new housing system has been compared to the houses of Hogwarts from “Harry Potter” as each will offer recreational and service activities and foster competitions between their members.

First-year students will belong to house that corresponds to hall floor where they live. For the rest of their college career at QU, students will belong to the same house.

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