Robin Hummert leaves Quincy University

By Raven Ash

Robin Hummert was one of the friendliest faces on Quincy University’s campus. She always wore a smile and made an effort to know the names of almost all of the students she came in contact with.

After 17 years, Hummert made what she described was the hardest decision of her life. She ended her employment with Chartwells Dining Services just before the beginning of the Spring semester.  Hummert loved being a full-time member of the Hawks Dining team in the caf, but the job came with a few obstacles that sometimes made life difficult.

Hummert worked every Sunday in the Caf.  She felt that she was missing out on time with her family and wanted to have her weekends off. This, however, was not the only con of working in the Caf.

Because school is not in session during the summer and there are several breaks during the school year, Hummert was often left without an income. This forced Hummert to look for other part-time employment during those breaks, but lately she says she was unable to.

Even though Hummert moved on to a new employment opportunity, Chartwells Dining Services does not hold any hard feelings. In fact, they are proud of the steps Hummert has taken to get what she wants.

“Our Hawks dining team pillars are people, cuisine, community, culture and ideas and Robin lived those pillars for more than 17 years everyday she walked through that door,” Joe Bordewick, assistant director of dining services, said. “We’re excited for Robin and wish her all the best moving forward and Robin knows she will always be welcome to stop in to visit with her campus friends at the caf.”

Hummert’s new job is with Exact Packaging in Quincy. Exact Packaging is a third party-logistics company that businesses hire for warehousing, to package goods, and distribute products. Hummert says her new job gives her weekends off and a job that will provide an income 365 days a year.

Now that Hummert has her weekends free to enjoy, she can do more of what she loves. She spends most of her new free time with family and friends. She is also excited that her weekends off will allow her to travel. She has already made plans to attend several baseball games.

“I miss the students so bad. Connecting with them, talking to them, being like a mom to them. I have had parents say thank you for being here for my kid,” Hummert said. “The kids are always welcome in home. They can call me if they have problems. I’ll always be there for them.”

Many students are still in disbelief that Hummert will no longer be on campus everyday.

“Robin is awesome. She is what makes QU feel like home,” Hunter Knox said.

Hummert has no intention of saying goodbye to Quincy University forever. She is excited to be able to attend sporting events, homecoming, and graduation without having to worry if she will have to work. She also keeps in contact with campus friends using Facebook.

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