Laundry situation resolved in Helein

By Trent Champagne

The laundry situation at Quincy University’s Helein Hall has been fixed.

In the fall semester, washing and drying machines were not functioning properly, creating large crowds in the Helein laundry room. 

Jamir Price was one of those students who was frustrated at the situation last semester.

“I swear sometimes I was up at midnight or later just so I could use the machines,” Price said. “It was a huge pain. No one should have to wait just so they could do laundry!”

During the fall semester, there was one working washing machine, and two working dryers. There were supposed to be three washing machines and dryers available at all times.

One washing machine overflowed, while another one burnt out. There was never an explanation as to why the one dryer failed to work properly.

Over the winter break, the problems have been fixed. There are now three working washing machines, and three working dryers. They are currently all still functioning properly as well.

Hezzakim Smith is a freshman who lives on the west wing of Helein Hall. He was extremely happy when he returned to campus from winter break to see the fixes in the laundry room.

“I’m glad everything is all fixed now. There are so many of us that have to share those machines. There’s a lot of us who play sports too, so we are always in there because we have to wash our stuff. It’s nice that everything is working the way it is supposed to,” Smith said.

There were many incidents during the fall semester where Helein residents saw their clothes scattered around all over the tables and chairs in the laundry room when returning to collect their clothes from the machines. Those incidents have not happened since Helein residents returned from winter break.

Braxton Albers is a resident of the west wing in Helein Hall. He suggests that there has not been clothes scattered because the machines are working properly again. Residents don’t rush as much doing their laundry as they did in the previous semester.

“With one working washing machine people had to wait to use it. If someone did not come pick up their clothes, nobody wanted to wait for them. With all the washers and dryers working again people do not have to do that kind of stuff,” Albers said.

The Helein Hall laundry room uses the app LaundryView, an app that lets residents know which washing and drying machines are taken, and which ones are available to use. The app was not working last semester, and still is not functioning properly. On all three washers and dryers, the status LaundryView shows is Unknown.

Jake Morris hoped that the app would be fixed last semester, and is not pleased that they still are not working correctly.

“We should be able to see which machines are available or not. Everyone takes multiple trips carrying their laundry bags down there just to see if they are available. If they aren’t, people just wasted their time coming down there in the first place,” Morris said.

Helein Hall’s laundry situation has mostly been resolved, with the LaundryView app being the last thing that needs fixing.

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