How to start a club on campus

This is a picture of the QUGG club.

By Cassie Phillips

Quincy University has approximately 30 registered clubs and organizations, along with a few up and coming. Some of the clubs include the Multicultural Club, Black Student Union, Students for Life, CEO Club, CAB and PPSC.

Laura Mackrides is a part of Cru at Quincy University. Cru is a nondenominational Bible study group that hopes to engage students in fellowship and to help them grow in their faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Cru offers opportunities for outreach during semester breaks and summer months.

Members strive to uphold Cru’s stated mission of being a “caring community passionate about pursuing Jesus Christ and showing his love.”

Clubs and organizations are a way to make connections with peers by uniting together in a club of similar interests.

“Cru is about growing in faith with other believers, so the members become a support group for each other, and we try to be involved in each other’s lives,” Mackrides said.

Aloysius Cooper is the president of the Black Student Union. Black Student Union is dedicated to educating people on campus about different cultures.

“To join, all you need to do is speak to a BSU board member and give us your contact information,” Cooper said. “Everyone is welcome, and we want to make everyone feel welcomed in the community.”

These are just two examples of the clubs and organizations on campus. Many students are unaware that they have the power to start their very own club.

Quincy University supports its students and their ideas.

Kiana Reed is the Graduate Assistant for Residence Life and Multicultural Affairs.  She would like to see more students join a club or two.

“I do wish more students would take advantage of starting a club based on their interest,” she said. “If one person is interested in a topic, that means there is a likelihood someone else is too.”

There are multiple ways you can join a club. At the beginning of the school year, students can go to the clubs and organization fair to see all the clubs and organizations QU has to offer.

Not only can you see what they have to offer, but you can also meet some of the members that represent these clubs and organizations.

Reed outlines the steps to starting a club.

“First would be getting an idea; this could happen by talking to a few people and seeing if they would be interested in the club,” Reed said. “Second would be to set up a meeting with either the club and organization GA, which is Derek Lambert, or the director of clubs and organizations, which currently is being held by Dr. Christine Tracy, as we are transitioning to a new staff member for the position. They will then let you know the next steps and ensure you fill out the proper paperwork.”

Once you have the idea and the support behind you, you can start creating a club or organization that fits you and your beliefs.

“It’s really important to take time and pick a club that agrees with your morals, ideals, and values,” Mackrides said.

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