Seniors: graduating and job hunting… during a pandemic?

By: Taylor King

With this being a strange time for everyone around the world, graduating seniors are feeling the extra stress and pressure during this time.

Finding a job is not the easiest thing to do right now, it is almost at a halt for the moment.

Good news for students, there are many resources through the Quincy University Quest Center that are still available. This is a good tool for graduating seniors to be reminded of what needs to be done during this time.

Kristen Liesen has some great ways for students to keep busy during this pandemic while applying for jobs.

“You need to be researching your company, looking at mission statements, doing a lot of research on what type of position you want to apply for and what companies in the area that you are in would hire someone like you,” Liesen explains.

From the students perspective, it has been challenging especially for graphic design majors.

“A lot of places are not even hiring or even have applications. Also, senior graphic design students don’t have the chance for a senior art show. It is a good place for seniors to sell their art work and make a profit and reimbursed for the supplies,” Abby Kastenholz, senior, said.

Just remember that Liesen is still a resource even though everything is online. Students should use that to their advantage.

“Right now is a great time to sell your technology skills. You guys are facing something extraordinary and a lot of other college graduates never had to experience this. Going from face-to-face for half a semester to all of a sudden over a two week period your worlds have been turned upside down many of the faculty are using different platforms for you guys to complete your work, so you are learning a lot of that technology,” Liesen said.

Contacting any of the faculty at Quincy University is going to help any senior make sure they graduate on time and with the resources they need to get their dream job. Even if that means it’s through a computer screen.

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