Time to find the yoga mat you bought and never used

yoga mat

By Alexa Low

Gym closures across the nation have made it difficult to maintain the pre-quarantine physique.

Workouts are needing to be adjusted all while the snacks in the pantry are starting look very tempting.

Before quarantine, Casey Low would visit her gym at least three times a week after work.

“Everything was on a schedule and I could go Monday, Wednesday, Friday and go to a different class each time and I always knew what I was going to do,” Low explained.

No fancy workout regimes but enough to stay active while seeing results. A set schedule with a workout or class for each day.

“Now, it’s different because I don’t really have that schedule. I have to to work around my work schedule working from home and then I have to work around if it’s raining, I can’t go outside,” Low said. ” I have to find different things to do and can’t keep it consistent.”

During her lunch break, a quick walk around the block is a great way get out of the house.

“If it’s nice out then I can go for a walk a couple miles around my neighborhood but if the weather is not nice or if I don’t have time then I like to do YouTube videos of different workouts,” Low said.

A quick look around the house and Low discovered no free weights, no jump rope, no medicine balls.

A yoga mat however was leaning in the corner of her office.

“One [workout] that I have enjoyed lately is Yoga with Adrienne. I like that one because there is a bunch of different types of workouts that you can do a well as different time lengths depending on how much time you have,” Low explained.

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